Is your addiction still winning?

You’re not alone in this struggle. There’s hope…

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We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure… Heb 6:19

Anchor of Hope is a central Missouri based non-residential support community dedicated to:

Restoring Hope… Renewing Life


Anchor of Hope Ministry is a place where people desiring to restore balance in their life find Christ. We believe that we’ll find freedom from all addictive and self-destructive life patterns when our relationship with Jesus Christ is restored. Anchor of Hope Ministry is an opportunity to start new healthy relationships, while working through the stuff of life and healing severed family ties. We’re convinced of the necessity to walk together through life’s many challenges and trust in God’s leadership to do so. Anchor of Hope Ministry is a safe place.



Mentoring – meeting one-on-one with mentors in a private setting. We all need someone we can trust.
Prayer – trusting more in the leading of the Holy Spirit than in our own strength. God can reach into places of our heart that no one else can.
Bible Study – applying God’s Word in a relevant way into our life challenges and circumstances.
Community – walking out healthy relationships together. Learning to love and trust once again.


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